Buying and owning bullion from us is quick, simple and secure. You can create and register your account online in as little as 2 minutes. Once your account is setup, you can buy gold, silver and platinum bullion online 24 hours a day at the click of a button. Click at the top of the page or click MY ACCOUNT.

Step One
Browse or search our catalogue for the products that you are looking for. Browsing and searching our site is simple; use our search facility at the top of the page, the dialog box is next to the magnifying glass. Or use the short code on the right hand side SHOP BY CATEGORY. If you want to view all the products click on SHOP in the main page.

Step two
When you are ready to make a purchase, sign into  your account or register an account with us. Setting up an account with us is fast, safe and secure. To log in, or to create an account, click on the LOGIN link at the top of the page. Please choose an email address that is current and a password that is secure but one that you will remember. You will need to verify your address with us when you make your first purchase. If you are having trouble signing up, please CONTACT US.

Step Three
Once you have chosen your products, add your chosen items to your cart. The ADD TO CART button will track all of your intended purchases, which may be reviewed at any time through your ACCOUNT PANEL. You can view your cart at any time at the top of the webpage, which has a running total of your intended purchases. Remember that you must be signed in to our secure system to make your purchase. If you are having difficulty with signing in then please CONTACT US.

Step Four
Once you have chosen your investments and other precious items, go to our safe and secure check out service. Ensure that the card which you intend to pay with is at hand, the billing address for which must match the address that you have provided to us when you signed up. Once you have placed your order and checked out your items and provided your payment details, you will be sent a confirmation invoice by email. Once we have received cleared funds in payment for your order, your items will be dispatched.

For more information, please see our Frequant Asked Questions or our Terms of Business.