Our duty to comply with Government and EU regulations on Money Laundering, Fraud and Terrorism.

To manage these risks we have the following transactional limits:

* A customer can purchase a maximum of £10,000 in a calendar year from your first purchase in multiple transactions, without providing any identification when purchasing online. Please note that multiple transactions made in a 48 hour period will be considered as a single transaction. For multiple transactions placed by customers from one singular address, we may contact you for identification.

* If a customer wishes to purchase over £5,000 in one transaction or exceed the £10,000 threshold, you must provide two forms of identification. One form of ID must be a photographic passport or driving licence, the secondary form of ID must be a proof of address: a utility bill/bank statement or council tax statement from the last 6 months.

* For reasons relating to both security and anti-money-laundering legislation we requires deposits to come from a single bank account, or, after prior approval by us when the account was first set up, from a second bank account listed under identical name(s) and address as the linked bank account.

* We recognise your right to confidentiality where your identity has been validated.  However where for whatever reason we become suspicious of an attempt at money laundering we actively assists the appropriate authorities in their efforts to detect it.  We also keeps comprehensive records of cash and bullion dealing activity in order to assist the authorities in this regard.

To continue purchasing from us and lifting the £10,000 maximum on your account, please download the Application Form, scan the copies of your identification to

Download form, click here

Helpful information regarding Money Laundering Regulations: